HLF Presents: Podstalgic

The Karate Kid Part III/ Sensei William Christopher Ford Interview/ The Next Karate Kid

May 22, 2017

In episode 148, Peter and Tom from Jake and Tom Conquer the World conclude their Karate Kid retrospective with the final two installations of the original series. Sandwhiched in between each review is an interview with Sensei William Christopher Ford who played "Dennis" in the third movie. Sensei Ford is not only the owner of Kaizen Dojo in Southern California, he is also the author of an upcoming book entitled "The Beginner's Mind" which he discusses. Sensei Ford also gives some great anecdotes from his time on set and reveals some trivia that you may not find anywhere else! At the end, Peter and Tom talk about the next franchise they'll tackle together.

To preorder Sensei Ford's book, contact him directly at thekaizendojo@gmail.com!

Outro music: The Cranberries - Dreams